Digital Voice Activated Recorder, EEEkit Easy HD Recording of Lectures and Meetings with Earphone, Noise Reduction Audio, Sound, Portable Mini Tape Dictaphone, MP3, USB, Support 16GB TF Card

The recorder can realize HD remote recording, which can offer you clear sound within 10 meters. Professional chip, 8-core DSP noise reduction. The fidelity can reach up to 99.9%. Achive extremely long recording time to 20 hours. The password setting can effectively protect your recording files. Support TF card: Up to 16GB (not included). Used for classroom learning, business negotiations, entertainment travelling and so on.

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November Week 4

November Week 4

Microsoft Tools Up For Voice Era Wednesday 27 November
Microsoft has released a public preview of a tool for building chatbots as well as revamping and renaming Microsoft Flow as Power Automate.
What Eats Your Programming Time Wednesday 27 November
ActiveState has published the results of its 2019 Developer Survey with the title “Open Source Runtime Pains”. It provides interesting insights into the challenges faced by coders when working with open source runtimes.
Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers Tuesday 26 November
If you are interested in using containers, in particular Kubernetes, Digital Ocean has provided a self paced, and free, community curriculum and there’s also a fun introduction from the Cloud Native Foundation.
OpenJDK 8 To Get JDK Flight Recorder Tuesday 26 November
The JDK Flight Recorder is being made available for OpenJDK 8 thanks to work to backport it by open source contributors. The recorder can be used to monitor JVM performance without incurring high overheads, and was already available for OpenJDK 11.
Google Offers Bug Bounty Up to $1.5 Million Monday 25 November
Google has announced a new bug bounty of $1 million for a full chain remote code execution exploit with persistence which compromises the Titan M secure element on Pixel devices. This can be boosted to $1.5 million for exploits found on specific developer preview versions of Android.
Facebook Moves To Visual Studio Code Monday 25 November
Facebook has announced that Visual Studio Code is now the platform of choice for its developers, in conjunction with internal extensions based on Facebook’s own Nuclide development environment.
Sea-Thru Removes Water From Undersea Images Sunday 24 November
Underwater photography suffers from a challenging problem – the colors are distorted. The Sea-thru method of color correction acts to “remove the water” to reveal images with all their inherent vibrancy, saturation and color restored.
DNA-Net – Machine Learning for Designer Offspring? Saturday 23 November
Want to know what your offspring with a given other might look like? Now a neural network can tell you. But do you really want to know?
Hour of Code Aiming for a Billion Served in 2019 Friday 22 November
There’s a new theme for this year’s Hour of Code. While anyone can engage in an Hour of Code activity at any time, Its prime time is in Computer Science Education Week, which takes place December 9-15, 2019 with thousands of events planned around the world.
PostgREST Turns PostGRE RESTful Thursday 21 November
PostgREST, a standalone web server that turns your PostgreSQL database directly into a RESTful API has been updated with improvements to full text search and support for embedding views.
If you want to get to grips with Raku, formerly Perl 6, there is a 30- part YouTube playlist to get you started with it.
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Dual Vlog Trip to Starbucks

Join us on a little ride to Starbucks! Remember it’s the ride, not the destination.

Mail To:
P.O. Box #3
Montville, Ohio 44064

Links to the gear I use:


Sena 10s Dual pack

Sena Gopro Back pack

Gopro Hero 4 Black

Smartree battery charger W/3 batteries for Gopro Hero 4

Zookki Gopro Accessories

GoPro HERO Session Action Camera

TOOBOM 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit


HJC Smoke Face Shield

5 PC Motorcycle Jacket CE Armor

Clear Pinlock Faceshield Insert


USB Motorcycle Adapter

Ram Mount Handlebar Phone Mount

Nelson-Rigg CB-PK30 Black Compact Backpack


Battery Tender

HFS (R 2 in 1 Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Test Tuner Tool Kit

SONY Digital Voice Recorder 4GB internal memory 4175 hours Model ICDBX140 – (H4)

Features 4 GB of Built-in Memory Built-in Monaural Microphone Digital Pitch Control (speed Control) Hand-free recording with Voice Activated RecordingNoise cut modeLow-cut FilterAutomatic record level settingsAdd/overwrite RecordingAlarm Playback30 hours of battery life Product Description The ICD-BX140 delivers simplicity and capability, making this a remarkably easy to use and accurate voice recorder. It features extra-long recording time, add and overwrite functions for corrections and additions to your recordings, and digital pitch control for powerful playback and recording capability in the palm of your hand. Great for doctors taking diction, keeping a voice journal, or anytime you need record the conversation clearly and accurately. Built-in 4 GB Memory 4 GB of available internal flash memory provides ample space for recording. With 4,175 hours of recording space you’ll have space for all things important. Mono Microphone The built in microphone allows you to easily capture all thoughts, dictations and other details in great clarity. An external microphone can be connected if neccessary Automatic Record Level The Automatic Record Level will automatically adjust the recording level to give you optimum results. Noise Cut Noise Cut reduces ambient noise during recording for clearer speech playback. Low Cut When activated, the Low Cut filter helps reduce the effect of wind noise in your recordings, so that they’re clear and static free Digital Pitch Control Digital Pitch Control enables the recording to be played at a faster or slower rate without changing the recording’s pitch. This will keep the quality while allowing you to analyze. Add/Overwrite Did you forget a thought or mis-speak? With Add/Overwrite capability, adding to or overwriting recordings during playback is quick and easy. Alarm Playback Set a future date and time and the recording will automatically be played. Specifications Size and WeightDimensions (w X H X D): 4.54 X 1.52 X 0.84 InWeight: 2.54 Oz General FeaturesBuilt-in Memory: 4 GbBuilt-in Microphone: MonauralRecording Format: Hvxc/mp3Playback Format: Hvxc/mp3Maximum Number Of File: 495Maximum Number Of Files In One Folder: 99Battery Type (provided): Dry Battery (alkaline, Size Aaa) Recording Low-cut Filter: YesAdd/overwrite Recording: YesVor: YesRecording Monitor: YesMax. Recording Time Mp3 8 Kbps (monaural): 1043 Hrs 0 MinMax. Recording Time Mp3 128 Kbps – 65 Hrs 10 MinMax. Recording Time Mp3 192 Kbps – 43 Hrs 25 MinBattery Life For Recording Hvxc 2 Kbps (monaural): 30 HrsBattery Life For Recording Mp3 8 Kbps (monaural): 45 HrsBattery Life For Recording Mp3 128 Kbps: 28 HrsBattery Life For Recording Mp3 192 Kbps: 26 HrsFrequency Response Hvxc 2 Kbps (monaural): 100–3,000 HzFrequency Response Mp3 8 Kbps (monaural): 75–3,000 HzFrequency Response Mp3 128 Kbps: 75–15,000 HzFrequency Response Mp3 192 Kbps: 75–15,000 Hz Playback and Edit Digital Pitch Control (speed Control): YesNoise Cut: YesEasy Search: YesAlarm Playback: YesErase: YesProtect: YesDivide: YesMove File: Yes InterfaceHeadphone Output(s): 1 (Minijack, Stereo)Microphone Input: 1 (Minijack, Stereo)

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Untold Physio Stories – An Interesting Foot Drop Case

In this podcast, Jason joins Erson again for their semi quarterly podcast! Foot drop is normally difficult if it’s spinal in origin. When your screens are inconclusive and your treatment is ineffective, what’s next? Listen to this quick and interesting story for a great differential diagnosis.

#untoldphysiostories #physicaltherapy #podcast

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Equipment – Hey Mic! – bluetooth Mic for iphone – Logitech 1080p webcam – LuminoLite – I use two of these to light my webcam or live vids when broadcasting from my desktop – much better than natural lighting! – Sony Digital Voice Recorder Sony ECMCS3 Clip Style Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone, Silver – pair with above voice recorder for awesome external mic/audio solution under $80! DJI Osmo Pocket – handheld small gimbal cam Sony HDRCX900 – 1″ sensor camcorder – Manfrotto mini tripod – great for placement and handheld shots with the action cam amazon basics tripod Sony Bluetooth mic for camcorder/camera with 3.5 mm input Please subscribe to our blog for daily updates, exclusive discounts and more!

Sony ICD-UX560 audio performance vs Zoom H5 Canon camcorder iPhone Xs plus lavaliere for vloggers

Aaron compares the Sony ICD-UX560 audio performance vs a Canon G20, Zoom H5, iPhone, and using a lavaliere in a bunch of combinations. The Sony ICD-UX560 mini-recorder is quite resistant to audible plosives from breath and wind. It’s not completely invincible to outdoor breeze but it does well. The Zoom H5 picks up every plosive. It’s more sensitive but it’s a different class of recorder.

Aaron tests in a regular office/room (without sound treatment) and also above a beach bluff for a real-world test.
At the beach, he tests regular, focused, and wide mic modes.

There was a weird subtle digital garble at 13:37:10. I’ve never heard it before. We’ll pass it as a one-off.

Watch his original Sony ICD-UX560 review here:

0:25 Start with Canon G20+lavaliere + FCPX compression
2:02 Canon G20+lavaliere (No audio compression for duration of testing)
2:51 Sony LPCM 44.1kHz/16-bit
4:26 Canon G20 + lavaliere
4:49 Sony MP3 + voice: low
5:40 Canon G20 + lavaliere
6:08 Sony MP3 + voice: auto
6:46 Canon G20 + lavaliere
7:01 Sony MP3 + voice: medium
7:43 Canon G20 + lavaliere
8:05 Sony MP3 + voice: high
8:51 Canon G20 + lavaliere
9:35 Canon G20 on-camera mic
10:36 Sony MP3 + lavaliere
11:35 Canon G20 on-camera mic
11:45 Canon G20 + lavaliere
12:13 Sony MP3 + music: low
12:50 Canon G20 + lavaliere
13:16 Sony MP3 + music: medium
13:50 Canon G20 + lavaliere
14:06 Sony MP3 + music: high
14:42 Canon G20 + lavaliere
16:28 Zoom H5 standard mic capsule
17:13 Canon G20 + lavaliere
17:24 Canon G20 on-camera mic
17:45 Zoom H5 + lavaliere
18:35 Canon G20 + lavaliere
19:08 Canon G20 on-camera mic
19:50 iPhone Xs
20:16 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic normal mode
20:42 iPhone Xs
21:08 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic focused mode
21:40 iPhone Xs
21:55 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic wide mode
22:35 iPhone Xs
22:52 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic normal mode
23:07 iPhone Xs
23:15 Canon G20 + lavaliere, FCPX compression turned on again

Sony ICDUX560BLK recorder on
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Polson OLM-10 microphone at
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