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8GB Digital Voice Recorder, aLLreLi CP0037 Dictaphone w/ MP3 Player SPY [1165Hr] [Rechargeable] Perfect for Recording Interviews, Meetings, Students Learning & Conversation

Why use up memory on your or deal with inconvenient, old-fashioned mini cassettes when you need to record audio? Upgrade to the aLLreLi Digital , and you’ll enjoy easier recording and playback and much better sound quality no matter what you’re recording.

The aLLreLi Digital Voice Recorder is a state of the art voice recorder that uses a professional DSP audio chip with built-in noise reduction technology to capture conversations and store them in a high quality PCM format for playback on a computer or with the digital recorder. Compact like a recording pen but capable of producing much better sound quality, the digital voice recorder is discreet and simple to use.

You can use this voice recorder for recording:

– Meetings
– Statements
– Lectures
– Interviews
– Personal
– Conversations
– Performances
– Anything else you desire

Powered by a 3.7V 540mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery and equipped with 8GB of flash memory, the aLLreLi Digital Voice Recorder can capture up to 72 continuous hours of audio. The power off memory function protects your data, ensuring that it doesn’t get erased when the battery dies. In playback mode, the voice recorder can be used for up to 6 hours. When it comes time to recharge, just connect the digital recorder to your computer with the included USB cable to get the battery replenished in no time.

The aLLreLi Digital Voice Recorder has a number of handy functions that allow you to do more than you can with a basic recording pen. You can use the device as an FM radio and even record music and programs right from the radio if you wish. You can add an audio timestamp to your files, and there is even a timer built in for automatic starting and stopping!

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