EVP: Former Church of the Ascension, May 2013

No one is in the basement when there’s an odd voice of a child captured on our digital recorder. The file sounded like it was reversed, so when we played it backwards, we heard exactly what the child was saying. The voice is saying multiple words, we believe it’s a whole sentence that includes “Can you help?” Listen for yourself.

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Which Digital Voice Recorder is Best?

In this video, I talk about the digital voice recorders I have used during paranormal investigations and how you could use them for yours. I also recommend my favorite recorder that I use for many tasks.


Aviation System Capital Investment Plan 1996

The official Fed. Aviation Admin. capital investment plan based on mission needs and future concepts. Covers: service areas (airport, terminal, aircraft and aircrew); communications (voice switches, telecomm satellite); facilities (flight service, power systems sustained support); mission support (aircraft fleet modernization, precision automated tracking system); navigation and landing (direction finder, instrument landing system); surveillance (terminal radar program, precision runway monitor); and weather (weather radar, airport surveillance radar).

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Spy USB Voice Recorder +8 Gb Memory Stick in One – Audio Digital Sound Voice Recorder – Spy Gadget

BLUE: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Voice-Recorder-Memory-Stick/dp/B074S93MN4
BLACK: https://www.amazon.com/Voice-Recorder-Memory-Stick-Professionals/dp/B074S8WVBJ

2 IN ONE – Audio Recorder & Memory Stick (USB Flash Drive) – 8 GM memory is enough to record about 96 hours. About 10 hour continuous recording time on one battery charge. About 2 hour charge time. Not only works as audio recorder, but also can be used as a regular USB flash drive.

SPY VOICE RECORDER – Discreet & covert recording. Silent operation. This voice recorder is the perfect pocket-sized way to record discreetly or covertly. No one will suspect that it’s anything more than just a USB stick.

EASY TO RECHARGE: Just plug the spy voice recorder into a USB port. Depending on the battery level it will be ready from a few minutes up to 2-3 hours

Digital Voice Activated Recorder – Easy HD Recording Of Lectures And Meetings With Double Microphone, Noise Reduction Audio, High Quality Sound, Portable Mini Tape Dictaphone, MP3, USB, 8GB

  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM BODY – With abeautifulcolor LCD display, feels strong and sturdy, while being lightand small.Conveniently fits in any palm, pocket or a purse for easyaccess andportability.
  • TWO ULTRA SENSITIVE MICROPHONES withDYNAMICNOISE REDUCTION – Now you can enjoy crystal clear recordings evenwhileyou’re up to 40ft away or to record quiet, discreet conversations.
  • VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDING – Means youdon’thave to click the record button every time to begin recording. Beit atthe doctor?s office or a college lecture, the X100 will be yourpersonalnote-taker.
  • 8GB OF INTERNAL MEMORY – Lets you store upto700 HOURS of recordings without the need for additional memorycards.Use the huge internal memory capacity to store any other type ofdatafiles.
  • EASILY TRANSFER FILES TO MAC OR PC -Justconnect the recorder to your computer using the supplied USB cableanddrag the files over to your PC. It is really that simple!100%SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ? Make everything you do more fun with X100voicerecorder or we’ll refund you!

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Harry wrote a new post, Global Digital Voice Recorder Market to Grow Over 11.50% CAGR During 2017 – 2022

Harry wrote a new post, Global Digital Voice Recorder Market to Grow Over 11.50% CAGR During 2017 – 2022

Harry wrote a new post, Global Digital Voice Recorder Market to Grow Over 11.50% CAGR During 2017 – 2022 Based on global digital voice recorder market, a new study titled “Digital Voice Recorder Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends a…

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