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Brand : Ziszor!

Ziszor! 33050 The Portable Handheld Paper Shredder

The perfect handy light-duty home appliance to deal with everyday junk mail and other personal papers that collect daily. The compact size portability and catch bag system let you shred mail wherever you want – kitchen den etc. It s also great for the dressing area for credit card receipts that collect in pockets and purses throughout the day. It s Cordless handheld makes it easy to protect your identity wherever you are home office or on the road. Lightweight compact and portable this is specifically designed to help you prevent identity theft by shredding mail receipts and other everyday personal papers anywhere any time. Keep it in the kitchen on your dresser next to the computer or in the car wherever you tend to accumulate material. Safely shreds everyday mail that puts your identity at risk Works wherever you open your mail or collect financial receipts kitchen den home office even on the road! Completely portable battery operated Unique Slide n Toss disposable catch bag system Includes four (4) AA batteries and three sample catch bags ID theft is fastest growing crime in America ID theft occurs every 3 seconds ID theft losses estimated above 50 billion dollars annually Current recession has stepped up Identity theft activity Dumpster diving remains as the simplest and most popular way for thieves to steal your identity You lock your door you lock you car — now you need to lock out identity thieves by routinely shredding junk mail and other personal receipts. Get shredding with The Ziszor!Welcome to what WABC radio in New York is calling the Ziszor! Shredding Revolution!!You have just taken a very smart step toward reducing your risk of ID Theft that stems from everyday junk mail and other personal receipts. In this sour economy Identity Theft is on a major upswing and dumpster diving remains as the most popular way for thieves to rob your identity. Due to its compact size and portability the Ziszor.

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